Roller Door Repairs

  • Doors Direct repair all brands and types of roller doors, whether it is for a minor issue such as the door not running smoothly or a significant issue due to impact damage from a vehicle, we can do it all.

    We carry parts for most major brands including Gliderol, B&D, Steeline, Merlin, Grifco, ATA, Napoleon and many more. Whether it’s for a single, double, or triple house garage, or even the shed at the back of the house; we have it covered.

    Our qualified and experienced technicians can be to you same day or within 24 hours depending on how urgent your needs are. Doors Direct’s technicians are knowledgeable in all the mechanisms involved with roller doors, knowing how they work and what can make them cease functioning. We know exactly what to look for and how to tackle the most common problems associated with a roller door, which usually means we can have repairs done relatively quickly. Our knowledge of roller door repairs is what sets us above the rest.

    We offer competitive rates to fix your door and have the experience to fix it right the first time, and if required, we can quote * on a replacement door at the same time.

    There is no job too big or too small for us to handle, and before we leave a job, we make sure the chance of it happening again is reduced. We offer the following services to cater to any of your roller door repair needs in Brisbane:

    • Roller door won’t open or close
    • Noisy roller door
    • Broken lock or keys
    • Stopping mid way or reversing
    • Motor light flashing but won’t move
    • Remotes not working
    • Impact damage
    • Out of level
    • Ballooning roller door
    • Any other reason your door needs repairing


    Often regular maintenance can help reduce the need for major repairs. Schedule a regular service with us to ensure everything is in good working order and to fix minor issues before they become big ones.

    If you’re experiencing any issues with your roller doors, call Doors Direct today to arrange a time for our skilled technicians to come out and have a look.

    The sooner you make that call, the less chance the repair can turn into something bigger. Call us on 3161 5963 or email us at with your enquiry today, we are ready to help.

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