Tilt Door Motor

  • Tilt doors are an excellent option for garage doors that do not have much height. They work by moving up and out. Instead of getting out of your car to operate it, why not make it automatic with a tilt door motor?

    Having a motorised tilt door comes with a range of benefits. The first being obvious, with it being easier than ever to open and close the door. This is great for people with back issues, so there is no added strain of having to bend down to open it or to ensure the door is shut.

    It also saves on time, eliminating the need to get out of the car to shut the door before leaving. Instead, simply use your remote and let the motor do the work.

    Check out our choices of tilt door motors, chosen for their reliability and efficiency. With added accessories, opening and closing your tilt garage door will be easier than ever with the press of a button.

    Doors Direct makes the installation of your new motor easy, seamlessly working with your tilt door. All motors come with a warranty, giving you added peace of mind.

    TiltMaster MT100 EVO


    Never has there been a better solution to power tilt doors. Quiet and backed by a full 5-year warranty, this energy efficient opener has the latest security and multi-frequency remote technology.

    Designed specifically for tilt doors, the Tiltmaster® will also power sectional doors thanks to the variable speed function. Suits doors up to 20m2.

    Want to air out your garage a little bit? Just use your remote to stop the door where you want it to allow ventilation.

    Added safety features are included such as automatic reversal, which happens when the door becomes obstructed whilst closing. It will stop completely if it is obstructed when opening.

    Despite being a powerful motor, it is very quiet and durable, last years with proper care.

    Includes a 7-year onsite warranty, 2 remotes, 1 wireless wall button and free door service.