Garage Door Repairs

  • Doors Direct repair and service all types and brands of garage doors. We offer our services to all of Brisbane and surrounds, offering solutions from residential garage doors to your carpark needs. Whether you want to repair your current door or replace it with a shiny new one, no matter the problem we’re here to help.

    Just Some of Our Services

    • General garage door repair/replacement
    • Broken sectional/panel door spring replacement
    • Frayed or broken cable reattachment/replacement
    • Repairs to roller doors, tilt doors, sectional/panel doors
    • Repairs to tracks, brackets, locks, cables, hinges, bearings, rollers and level up doors
    • Repairs to stuck or jammed doors
    • Incorrect spring tension repairs
    • Noisy door/motor repair
    • Faulty motor repair or replacement
    • New remotes
    • Motor operation reset
    • General servicing

    Door Repair

    Motors aren’t the only things that sometimes go caput – sometimes the fault lies with the garage door itself. If you’re unsure about what the problem is then Doors Direct can quickly and efficiently diagnose the issue for you. If the door is indeed a problem then we have a range of solutions. Contact us to find out exactly how we can help you.

    Insurance Claims

    Doors direct can provide you with a written quote * or invoice in the case of claimable damage. Common cases include burglary and vehicular damage. No matter the situation we can help you get on top of it to ensure you’re reimbursed the amount you deserve.

    Broken Springs and Cables

    Broken springs or cables are common problems in sectional/panel lift garage doors. These sorts of failure often occur due to simple wear and tear, but once damaged the door can become unsafe. Regular maintenance and servicing is essential to ensure your garage door always works as it should.

    If your springs have reached the end of their operational lifespan, Doors Direct carries most types and sizes in stock to get it back to mint condition as soon as possible.

    Motor Repairs

    There’s no denying how great it is to have your garage door open and close at the push of a button, but when the motor goes caput your fancy automatic door may as well as be a wall. Doors Direct offers diagnosis, repair and replacement of all kinds of garage door motors.

    Depending on the problem it could be more cost effective for you to replace the entire unit – if this is the case then we can offer you comprehensive advice about replacement options.