Repairs & Servicing

  • Located on the north side of Brisbane at Geebung, the team at Doors Direct specialise in garage door repairs and servicing. We understand the frustration and inconvenience that can be caused by garage door malfunctions and as such we provide effective repairs and solutions. Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home and is often forgotten about until it breaks. Regular servicing of your garage door and motor is very important to ensure its efficient operation and reduce the risk of larger issues.

    We boast many years experience with all types of garage door and motor brands and products meaning no job is unfixable. If your garage door has been run into, has broken down due to wear and tear or has a motor that won’t go, we can fix it.

    To find out more about our extensive services read below or contact one our specialists today.

    Solutions We Provide

    • General repairs or replacement of a garage door run into by a vehicle
    • Replace broken springs and fraying cables for sectional/panel doors
    • Repairs to roller doors, tilt doors, sectional/panel doors
    • Replace springs or fittings on a tilt door
    • Repairs of tracks, brackets, locks, cables, hinges, bearings, rollers and leveling of doors
    • Stuck or jammed roller door, tilt door or sectional/panel doors
    • Dropping door due to incorrect spring tension
    • Noisy doors and motors
    • Repair of faulty motors, replacement or new installation of motors
    • Supply & code new remotes
    • Reset motor operation if not working properly or auto reversing
    • General servicing of garage door and motor

    We provide repairs and servicing for common issues highlighted above.
    A cable for a Sectional Garage Door repaired by our expert team.

    Insurance Claims

    At Doors Direct we also deal with insurance claims and can readily provide a written quote * or invoice for your insurer if any damage is claimable. The common claims we deal with include the backing of vehicles into garage doors or if your premises has unfortunately been the victim of burglary or theft. In the latter case, we can install new locks to provide immediate security and subsequently generate a repair or replacement quote * for your garage door for your insurance company.

    Garage Door Springs

    A common repair on your standard sectional/panel lift garage door is a broken spring. These occur after the garage door has completed a certain amount of cycles. Once they break the door can become very dangerous and hard to lift.  The springs are what lifts the door weight, making the door light to lift and they are used whether your door is operated by hand or by motor.

    These springs are under high tension and made of steel, over time the steel weakens and can break due to general wear and tear or lack of regular maintenance and servicing. When one of the springs breaks, we always replace both springs to ensure optimal operation and best value for money.

    Garage Door Accessories

    Doors Direct carry most sizes and types of garage door springs in stock so we can replace them the same day or the next day to get your door working again.

    As well as the springs, the cables are also another common part of the sectional/panel lift garage door that can either come off or break. Doors Direct can either reattach these for you or replace them with a new set of cables.

    If you need a new remote, motor, or opener we can help with many options and budgets to suit you.

    Garage Door Servicing

    We offer servicing of all types of garage doors and openers and this should be done every 2 years, depending on how often the door is used on a daily basis. Servicing your garage door will help maintain the optimum running of your door and motor and will also extend the lifespan of your components. This can save you thousands in the long run.

    Garage door openers don’t last forever, so when yours gives up, or is playing up, call the Doors Direct team on 3161 5963 or email us at

    Fun Facts About Garage Doors

    • Depending on how often you use the door determines the lifespan of the springs which is generally 7- 12 years of use for a residential garage door
    • The Garage Door is the largest moving object on a home
    • Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney and the creators of Google all started their respective companies working out of garages
    • As of 2015, home buyers within Australia valued garages over pools