Sectional Carpark Doors

  • Carpark garage doors are an integral part of industrial and commercial premises that need to operate 24/7 without a hitch. At Doors Direct, we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers to find the best solution to suit your needs, and we offer a wide range of products to suit your requirements and budget.

    Carpark Garage Door Services

    Replace existing doors – If your existing door is a bit worse for wear, a door replacement may be the best way forward in keeping your carpark safe and looking great.

    Motorise existing doors – Still having to get out and manually open a carpark door to get in and out? Make it easier by having a motor installed.

    Upgrade existing setups – An upgrade might be the answer in making an existing set-up easier to operate.

    Repair existing carpark doors and motors – Are your doors operating slowly or stuck together? Our repair team will get it back up and running as quickly as possible!

    Service existing doors and motors – Keep your carpark door in pristine condition with help from our service and maintenance team.

    Replace or upgrade the remote systems – Get a reliable remote system in place that sees your carpark accessible during the times you need it to be.

    Ready to transform your carpark and make it as safe and secure as can be? Call us on 3161 5963 or email us at with your enquiry. Our friendly team will work with you to come up with the best solution for your business needs.