What Are Tilt Garage Doors?

  • Published on September 15, 2017

Don’t have room in your garage for a big, space consuming door? Looking for an alternative to a roller door? Your best option is to look at at installing a tilt door for your garage. Having a tilt door means you’ll be able to utilise the space in your garage, while also gaining the security a garage door provides.

What is a tilt door?

A tilt garage door is a one-piece overhead garage door. It uses a spring balance hinge which opens out and up. This means a tilt door is a perfect solution for those who have a smaller garage which cannot accommodate sectional or roller doors. If you’re wanting to make the most of the space in your garage, a tilt door is for you.

Benefits of tilt doors

Not quite convinced a tilt door is what you should install in your garage? After all, the garage door is such a prominent feature of the front of your house, you want to make sure you make the right choice for your house and garage space. While a tilt door is often perceived as being somewhat old fashioned, they are quite versatile and can be modified to suit your modern house.

So why should you choose a tilt door instead of the other types of garage doors available? There are numerous advantages to getting a roller door installed at your house. These include:

Ease of use

With a tilt garage door, you don’t have to worry about a door that is difficult to open or will get stuck during operation. Tilt doors are very easy to operate and are fast to open, so you don’t have to spend ages waiting to have access to your garage. Furthermore, they are extremely easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about the installation taking too long.


You can even choose to motorise your tilt garage door, making it even easier to use. Motors from Doors Direct are not only quiet but also energy efficient. If you want to add an extra element of convenience and security to your garage door, consider adding a motor. Make sure to check our range of motorised tilt garage doors.

Tilt door design

Because a tilt door is a one-piece design it can be far more versatile than other types of garage doors. This is because you will have a larger range of materials to choose from. You can choose a material which blends in or stands out from the design of your house. A garage door is such a big part of the house, the tilt door gives you the option to really make it a statement piece.

Some options of materials for your tilt door include Colorbond steel, aluminium buttons, timber cladding, and many more in a wide range of designs and colours. The tilt doors can even be made out of sectional door sheeting. This gives you a much wider range of designs and styles. Whatever you need to suit your home, Doors Direct will be able to do it. We even specialise in custom aluminium tilt garage doors. Tilt doors can be a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your garage area.

As well as installing new tilt garage doors, Doors Direct can also service and repair them. You won’t have to ever worry about being left with a tilt door that is stuck open or shut – Doors Direct will be there to repair it for you. We can also deal with insurance claims and provide a written quote * or invoice if the damage is claimable.

Need some inspiration for your garage door? Check out our gallery for more ideas, designs and colour options for your tilt garage door. Alternatively, if you’re interested in a quote *, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Doors Direct and we will happily help you out and find the right garage door for you.