Check Out This Spooky “Monster House”!

  • Published on October 20, 2017

At Doors Direct, we appreciate homeowners wanting to turn their home into their own work of art. Many like to put their own spin on things to make their home unique, and that includes a designer garage door. However, have you ever seen anyone take it to this extreme?

Amanda Desoto Pierson from Ohio, US thought it would be fun to turn her garage into a monster! The body painter took her creativity to the next level to put spooky eyes and teeth. This “jawsome” work was designed in a way that when the garage door opens, the teeth will move.

If you think this is something your kids will love, then you can make your own, and quite easily too, so even the kids can get involved! This is a great idea for any themed kids party as it is sure to be a hit.

Supplies needed:

  • Foam boards (how many you need will depend on the space you have to decorate – see steps)
  • Paints (acrylic or spray paint is good)
  • Marker to draw with
  • Cutting knife
  • Nails, or a safe adhesive to attach to your exterior and garage door.


  1. Measure out the area you want to decorate. Determine how big your “eyes” need to be, along with teeth and how many teeth you will be adding. Write down your measurements to help you determine what size foam boards you will need and how many.
  2. Don’t forget to pick up some colourful paints! Green for eyes and red for blood on teeth are a great choice, but be creative and go for whatever colour you and the kids think works best.
  3. Use a marker to make your first eye (going by the measurements you took before for a good size that will suit your garage). Use a cutting knife or box cutter to cut this out (of course, this step is for grown-ups!). You can then use this to trace and create your second eye so they are equal. You can even go for a third or fourth eye if you wanted. It’s YOUR garage monster.
  4. Do the same process for the teeth. Cut four large pointy canine teeth to go in each corner and then smaller teeth to go in between.
  5. Then it is time to decorate! If the kids are getting involved, then have them colour the eyes and teeth (if not leaving white).
  6. Your children can also help stick on the lower teeth with an adhesive (as long as it is safe and won’t take off the finish) onto the garage. A grown-up should use a ladder to stick the top teeth on and the eyes.
  7. Then enjoy! Use your automatic garage door opener to have the monster open and close its ferocious jaws and watch the kids be proud of the work they helped out on. They will be incredibly excited to have their friends around to see their “monster garage.”

Not into monsters? No problem! Get creative with the same steps as above to change it up to something different, like adding antlers and a red nose in the middle of the garage to make a Rudolph!

This type of artwork starts off with a wonderful palette of a great garage door! Doors Direct is all about impressive looking garage doors, and we can help you find the perfect one that suits your home. We’ll do all the hard work of measuring and installing and even offer accessories to go with it…although we’ll leave the monster artwork down to you!