How to Open Your Garage Door During a Power Cut

  • Published on January 17, 2018

Power cuts are unpredictable and frustrating at best. We often don’t even realise how much we depend on electricity until one occurs! If you have an automatic garage door, would you know what to do if there was a power cut in your area?

In the event of an emergency, it is important to know how to open a motorised door manually. Our guide will make it easy for you to open and close that garage door safely just in case.

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Switch Motor to Manual

All garage door openers should have a provision in place to allow for manual operation. For most, this is in the form of a red cord. This cord is usually located near the door. Use a ladder if needed to get to the rope and pull it until a lever is in a down position, disengaging the door from the motor. Make sure you and anyone else is as far away from the door is possible if it is open at the time, as the door may come crashing down. Pull the rope down and towards the back if the power is going to be out for some time to keep it from getting caught in the tracks.

Open the Door

Use both hands to lift the door up. It should be relatively easy to do, so if you are having trouble, try going back to the cord to make sure it is pulled all the way and locked into place. If the door is too heavy for you, then do not attempt to do this on your own. Always get someone to help so you do not injure yourself.

The door will fall if you let go, so keep aware of that as you open it to get out. If you need to bring something in like your vehicle, you can prop it up with something sturdy like a 2×4 or have someone hold it open. Be sure to gently set down the door when you are done. Do not let it crash down if possible.

When the Power Comes Back On

You will need to make sure the door is back to how it was before you pulled the cord to get it working automatically again. To do this, pull the cord towards the front of the garage, towards the door. The bracket should slip back into the chain bracket. Try your remote to open it. If the chain is moving but your door is not, then try pulling on the chain again until it gets into the bracket.

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Be Prepared

You should not wait until there is an emergency or power cut before you operate the manual controls on your automatic door. Homeowners should familiarise themselves with the manual controls and practice operating it, so you know what to do and feel confident doing it.

All of the garage doors at Doors Direct come with safety features as standard, including manual control of automatic doors. We only supply the best products of the highest standards, including safety standards. We are aware of all the situations that can happen, including power cuts, and have taken them into consideration when supplying our customers with garage doors and motors.

If you have wanted to add a motor to an existing manual door but have been worried about what should happen in the event of a power cut, Doors Direct will be able to put your mind at ease at installation and show you how it is easily done before we leave. We can advise as to the best motor for your door or a whole new garage door replacement if needed. Give our team a call today to discuss how we can transform the look of your home.

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