How to Keep Your Door Maintained Between Services

  • Published on January 24, 2018

If you invest in a new garage door, then it is worth investing in regular services for it too to keep it in good working order. However, having regular services does not necessarily mean nothing will happen to your door. Homeowners have a responsibility to check their working order of their garage door between services. If you were to notice anything off, then you can address the issue appropriately before it becomes something more severe. Don’t compromise your garage door safety. Keep your door in good working order with these handy tips.

Familiarise Yourself

The first thing you should do is to familiarise yourself with the workings of the garage door. Become visually aware of how it looks and even pay attention to how it sounds. This will help you identify any issues should they occur. Do a careful visual inspection every 3-6 months.

Check for Possible Repairs

Take a look at all the fasteners on the garage door to see that they are secure and not loosening. Check for wear and tear on the lifting cables if you have them fitted. Any damage such as corrosion or fraying should be brought to the attention of a professional. Professionals should also be called if you notice loosened springs. The tension here is great, and you should never attempt to adjust them on your own or risk severe injury.


Your door runs on tracks that need to be properly lubricated to stay in good working order. These need to be lubricated every 3-6 months.

For roller doors, this means using a cloth damp with methylated spirits or turps to wipe the internal guide tracks until a smooth, dirt and moisture resistant layer is left so the flexible braid can glide easily. The same can be done for sectional doors. However, it is unnecessary to polish internal guide tracks. Take great care as there may be some sharp edges. Never use grease or oil on the guide tracks.

If steel hinges are fitted, use an all-purpose machine oil sparingly on them as well as wheel axle bearings. Plastic hinges do not need lubrication, but you can use a silicon spray if it is needed.
Wipe springs down with an oily rag. You don’t need to put the oil straight onto the springs.
Locks should not normally need lubrication, but if yours does become stiff for whatever reason, then stick to a lubricant spray like RP7. Never grease the lock.

Garage Door Openers

If your garage door is fitted with an opener chain, then use special chain lube to ensure its lubrication. For the garage door opener itself, always follow the instruction handbook it came with. Do not attempt anything other than what it suggests otherwise you risk voiding the warranty.

Safety Features

Garage door safety is imperative, and it comes with a well working door. Be sure to check that the safety features are still working regularly. Place a brick or heavy box in the doorway to check that the automatic door reversal is in good working order. If your door has a motion detector, make sure the beam area is free of dirt and debris.

Please note that these are only minor maintenance tips that you should do to keep a safe working door. This should not be in place of a regular garage door maintenance, which should be scheduled annually or earlier as needed. Doors Direct can help with that. Our skilled technicians know the ins and outs of doors and their motors. They know what to look for and won’t leave until they are confident you’re being left with a safe door. If you are experiencing trouble between services, such as a spring issue or the door won’t move at all, we can help with the repairs. Call us today to discuss your needs and to arrange a service or repair if needed.

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