How to Weatherproof Your Garage

  • Published on April 5, 2018

While garages look tough and are meant to withstand harsh conditions, they can still be subject to damp. Homes in Brisbane especially can be subject to flooding, which can have devastating and costly effects, including the garage and its contents. Because most homeowners use their garage as a storage space, it is essential to keep the area as dry as possible. Here is how to make sure your garage is waterproof.

Step 1 – Clean, Inspect and Repair

Before starting anything, remove everything from your garage and give it a good clean. Waterproofing while you have dirt, debris and oil around won’t help you very much. Sweep the floors and scrub with a good cleaning solution or even just half bleach and half water. Whilst cleaning, inspect the walls and flooring for any damage. Repair these damage before continuing with the waterproofing.

Step 2 – Use Waterproof Paint

Apply a waterproof paint to your walls and ceiling and use the same or a waterproof epoxy to the floor of the garage. Apply a second coat to the walls and allow ample time to dry (usually a couple of days).

Step 3 – Inspect Garage Door

Consider replacing the weather strip at the bottom of your garage door if it looks like it has had its share of wear and tear. If your garage door does not shut properly and leaves gaps, then first check that nothing is stopping the door from shutting fully. If you are still having problems, then call the experts at Doors Direct. A garage door that doesn’t shut properly will not keep the damp out.

Tanking Slurry

Tanking is an effective way of keeping groundwater from seeping through to cellars and basements, and it is also great for garages. Tanking slurry comes in premixed or ready-to-mix form (just add water) and is designed to stop water from dampening walls. It’s formulated with cement and polymers to create a waterproof barrier. It’s a cost-effective solution too as tanking slurry does not cost very much.

  • Step 1 – Make sure the area is clean and free of dirt and debris. Give the walls and flooring a scrub. As you do, inspect for any holes, cracks or other damage as this will need to be filled or repaired before you continue.
  • Step 2 – Dampen your walls and floor with water before applying the slurry. They should be just damp, with no standing water, so sweep away any pools of it.
  • Step 3 – Prepare your slurry as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you have protective gloves, facemask, and goggles as the chemicals can be harsh and harmful if in contact with your skin. Only mix enough that will last you for around 30 minutes or you risk it going dry before applying it all.
  • Step 4 – Apply the first coat of slurry by brushing horizontally against the surface. Let this dry completely (up to 24 hours) before applying another coat.
  • Step 5 – Once the second coat has dried, apply a breathable render layer that will help cure and dry further.

If you need help in waterproofing your garage, such as with a new garage door replacement if yours is not helping keep your garage waterproofed, Doors Direct are here to help. As Brisbane’s premier garage door specialists, we offer garage door solutions to fit most buildings and a superior maintenance and repair service that sees your door in good working order, helping keep damp and debris out and to create a watertight space. Contact us to discuss your garage door needs to get started in finding the solution for you.