How To Solve Your Roller Door Problems

  • Published on June 9, 2018

You installed a motorised garage roller door because they are easy to use and protect your house and family from break-ins. Unfortunately, even the best garage roller doors can have problems. If you research potential problems ahead of time, you can plan ahead to avoid problems, or make sure you have what you need to fix them right away.

Here are some of the most common roller door problems, along with how to solve them:

1. The rollers or tracks of your doors may not function properly

Eventually, tracks and rollers can wear out from everyday use. They can also be damaged from contact with cars or other items and equipment in your garage. One way to prevent this is to check the tracks and rollers regularly for signs of damage or dirt. Don’t ignore any strange noises you hear as the doors open and close. While minor issues may be fixed at home by DIY enthusiasts, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for bigger differences.

Don’t forget that rollers need to be oiled regularly in order to function properly. Some doors can be disconnected and operated manually in case this happens. Others can be operated on a battery pack.

2. Snow, ice, and cold weather can keep your garage door from working

In stormy weather, ice, debris, or even water can damage your door. Make sure your garage doors are covered by your insurance.
If your doors are electric, make sure you have a way to open them if the electricity goes out due to the weather.

3. Pests can find their way into the garage and keep your roller door from functioning properly.

You would be surprised how much damage pests can do in a garage. If garage doors aren’t sealed properly, they can squeeze through the cracks and get into your garage. They may even try to make a home in your garage. Some pests may chew through the seals on your door, setting the stage for an infestation. Make sure you check your doors regularly for any kind of damage and contact a professional if you find it.

4. A lost or broken remote could mean you are out of luck when you need to open your door from the outside

If you have an electric garage door, you may need to replace the remote for your door. Make sure that your replacement is compatible with your door.

The garage door is stuck

Garage doors can get stuck open, closed, or even partly open. Believe me; you are not the first person this has happened to. If your door is stuck and you can’t make it budge, call a professional or whoever installed the door. They have dealt with these problems many times. They may even be able to talk you through fixing the problem over the phone. If not they will make short work of fixing your garage door.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your garage door is in good shape.

  • Check the door, its tracks, its rollers, and all of its moving parts on a regular basis. If you notice any damage, take care of it right away. If you can’t, don’t put off calling the installer or a contractor to fix it before it becomes a serious problem.
  • Oil the rollers of your door on a regular basis.
  • If it is an automatic door, make sure it has batteries.
  • Investigate any strange noises your door is making.
  • If you need to buy parts for the door, make sure they are compatible with your door.
  • Make sure your door is insured.
  • Keep the number of your installer handy in case you need help.

If the problems with your roller door persist, contact a professional today!