How to Reset A Garage Door Opener

  • Published on December 3, 2018

There are many disastrous outcomes when a garage door opener is malfunctioning. When a garage door remote is on the fritz the matter needs to be fixed sooner than later.

Suppose it is left open for a burglar or it is stuck shut stranding you at home. Often garage door opener issues can be fixed simply by resetting it.

Different types of garage door openers will need to be reset in different ways and it always wise to not fully rely on your unprofessional skills while going through the process.

How Garage Door Openers Work

Garage doors of the past had to be opened manually, then as new technologies arose, and animation became a popular trend, the garage door opener was created. A garage door opener listens for a particular signal or code that a garage door remote sends. If these codes become skewed, they will not respond to each other, the two need to match exactly. That’s why receivers and remotes usually need to be synced at installation to ensure compatibility.

Set Up

Make sure all other components of your garage door opener are in working order. If the door itself is having trouble working, as in from the button inside the garage, you may have a different problem. Having a small or medium step ladder is smart as well, in case your garage door opener is mounted like most. Specific directions to reset your code can sometimes be found printed on the side of the mechanism or even the remote.

If you have no prior knowledge on the subject take a moment to consider hiring a professional and saving yourself a potential mountain of headaches.

Older Openers

Older garage door openers work off of a series of switches. To ensure your remote is set with your specific door opener, make sure all of the switches are toggled into matching positions. This means that the notches on the opener are precisely as they are on the inside of the remote.

Newer Openers

Newer garage door openers are set with exact numeric codes. You begin by finding a ‘learn’ or ‘home’ button. Hold this button down until a nearby LED light turns off. This simple step resets many newer garage door openers.

If this does not show success, other garage door openers require you to quickly press that button a second time after turning the LED light off by holding it. Since these machines vary between the piles of companies that produce them, their method might be slightly different so always check your users manual.

Advantages of Garage Doors Openers

It is not preferable to use manual garage doors or even having a single switch that contains the door’s electrical functions. The ease of opening your garage door from your vehicle cannot be understated. It is not only time-saving but can also help with home security and safety.

Ask A Professional

Never underestimate the help a professional can provide. Garage door repair professionals who know the ins and outs of garage door openers and they can successfully guide you to an easy fix, or even know when a more serious problem is present. If resetting doesn’t work it’s better to seek help, as guessing on your own could cause further problems.

If you want to contact professionals you can trust with years of experience behind them, Door’s Direct offer the best garage door repair you will find! Come and look at how we can help you and how to get in contact with us today!

Resetting a garage door opener is a lot easier than you might think at first. Once you grasp how they work and what type of garage opener you have, there can be simple solutions that make technological sense. Be honest with your knowledge and know when it is time to contact a professional to take care of the resetting problem. Even contact one if you want to sit back and relax while everything is handled.

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