How to Replace a Lost Garage Door Remote

  • Published on June 23, 2018

We’ve all misplaced a valuable possession, from our mobile phones to our car keys, and losing a garage door remote is no different. In fact, it’s just as frustrating. A missing garage door remote results in the inability to enter or exit a garage and a lack of protection for possessions stored in the room.

While a missing remote is inconvenient, the good news is replacing the remote isn’t complicated.

Purchasing a New Remote

There are two options when buying a replacement remote: if it’s available, you can purchase the remote created by the manufacturer, or you can get a universal garage door remote. Most garage doors can be operated by universal remotes.

Whatever you decide, it’ll be necessary to know the manufacture of the garage door. When purchasing a universal remote, it may seem unnecessary to be knowledgeable about the door’s manufacturer, but it’ll avoid unneeded frustration — it’ll determine if the replacement remote is compatible with your garage door.

Two Ways to Program

The process of programming a new garage door remote will depend on the age of your garage door unit. Units that predate the early 1990s will use DIP switches and newer units are programmed by a “learn/smart” button.

Steps to Programming

Many universal remotes can be programmed with DIP switches or a “learn/smart” button. However, since the “learn/smart” button is the most prevalent, a guide to program this type of remote is detailed below.

The Instruction Manual

After acquiring your new remote, read the provided instructions carefully. Not all garage remotes are made equal, and having a brief knowledge of the product will help the process of programming your remote run smoothly.

Familiarise Yourself with the Unit

Once you’ve finished reading, it’s time to get to know your garage unit. If you have the instruction sheet for the unit, it may be beneficial to read it briefly. If you don’t have it, you can remove the garage door unit’s control panel and locate the “learn/smart” button on the unit. The unit’s instructions will be helpful when searching for the button.

When activated, the button will allow the unit to sync to the remote.

Coding Your Remote

After finding the “learn/smart” button, press the same button on the remote until a light appears. Next, do the same for the unit – press the unit’s “learn/smart” button, and you’ll soon see a light similar to that of the remote. This means they are syncing, similar to how Bluetooth devices pair to each other when prompted.

When you’ve located and pressed both buttons, you’ll need to follow the button sequence provided by the remote’s instruction sheet. This sequence will be used to code the remote, and it’ll differ depending on the manufacture of the garage unit. For example, the instructions may tell you to press a certain button for a specific amount of time.

Once the sequence is entered, you’ll press the program button, and the remote will be successfully programmed when the light disappears. We suggest testing the remote to assure it works properly with the unit.

If You Need Assistance

At Doors Direct, we strive to make your life easier. If you’re having trouble finding a garage door remote that’s compatible with your unit or if you’d prefer a professional to program your remote, we can help.

With a large variety of garage door remotes, we have a remote that is compatible with your unit, and we can streamline your day by programming it quickly. Allowing Doors Direct to replace your garage door remote can simplify the process, and we’ll have your garage back to normal in no time!

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