How to Open & Close a Motorised Roller Door when the Power is out

  • Published on February 6, 2022

To operate your motorised roller door when the power is out, you need to turn its operation from automatic to manual so you can open or close it by hand. Watch Ryan from Doors Direct do this easily:

Lifting your motorised roller door without power:

Depending on your setup, your roller door should have a red cord on either one of its sides. Pull that cord down and you should hear a click sound. That indicates that your roller doors has been unlocked successfully.

Lift your roller door by hand all the way through. You will be able to get your vehicle out safely.

If the power is still out, you can close the garage door again by hand. Gently pull it down to its prior position. Pull the red cord for the second time and you should hear another click.

At this point, you wont be able to lift the garage door by hand. This means you have securely locked the door and it is reengaged for remote use when the power is back on.

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