How to Open a Sectional Garage Door if the Power is out

  • Published on February 8, 2022

Don’t know what to do if the power goes out with your sectional garage door? Let Ryan from Doors Direct show you what to do in the video below:

Manual Operation

You don’t have to worry because your garage door comes with manual operation so you can open it for your car or yourself even when the power is out.

While the garage door is closed, you can find a red pull cord right above it. Pull it down towards you. This releases the door from the motor mechanism. It will now be easy for you to open the garage door by hand. Lift it up carefully.

After getting your vehicle out, don’t forget to re-secure your garage door.

Stand under the pull cord, move the garage door by hand to its previous position. Find the green button near the red pull cord. You will hear it click when you push in.

Move the garage door all the way to its closed position to re-engage it with the Yellow mechanism. You will hear another click when this happens. This tells you that the garage door is locked back with the motor, ready for when the power comes back on.

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