Top 10 Garage Door Home Security Tips

  • Published on February 14, 2018

Garage doors are meant to keep your vehicle and other garage items safe from the outside. However, this alone does not always deter would-be thieves. Home security is of utmost importance to homeowners, so follow these ten steps to help with your garage door security.

1. Do not leave the garage door opener in your car

Many garage door openers come with handy clips that can be attached to somewhere convenient in your car, like on the visor. However, if you ever became victim to car theft, then you have just compromised the security of your home too. Make it a habit to take the garage door opener off whenever you get out of the car.

2. Try a keychain remote

If you find it difficult to remember to take out your garage door remote when you leave your vehicle, then go for a keychain remote. That way it will always be with you and less susceptible to theft.

3. Get regular maintenance checks

A working door is key to garage door security. If any part of the garage door is not working, it may make it easy to break-in. Make sure the frame is completely intact and not bent in any way. Also look out for corrosion, and ensure all locks and hinges are in good working order.

Garage doors should have regular maintenance checks like those offered by Doors Direct. Between servicing, perform visual checks every month and if anything doesn’t look right, call the professionals at Doors Direct.

4. Keep the garage door shut when possible

It seems like a given that you should keep your garage door shut. After all, it is there to keep things in the garage safe. However, there are too many people who leave it open when they are not around.

When you are not using the garage, keep the door shut. Not only is an open garage door inviting to would-be thieves, but it also lets them have a look at what’s inside to try to steal later on.

5. Cover the garage windows

If your garage or garage doors has windows, consider frosting or tinting them so that nobody can see in, but you can still see out.

6. Use a padlock when out of town

Going away for a while? Then a padlock on the throw latch may be useful. Doors that are not manual can be “locked” by tightening the c-clamp of the door track on each side.

7. Change the door opener code

Homeowners should change the come to their automatic garage door regularly. Many haven’t changed it from the factory settings, but if anyone gets that code, then they can easily get in. This should be done especially before going away, so anyone who thinks they have the code will be out of luck.

8. Keep valuables out of sight

You would think that having a garage means you can put things where you want, but it is still a good idea to be aware of where you store valuables. If the garage door is open, can you easily spot things like bicycles and tools? If so, consider covering them up or placing them somewhere inconspicuous.

9. Consider automatic lighting

Motion-sensor lights are a great way to deter burglaries. Have bright lights turned on at night that shine when motion is detected on either side of the garage.

10. Become familiar with garage door security features

Garages, especially those with automatic doors, will often have security features in place or have some that are made available. Ask your garage door experts at Doors Direct for any additional safety and security features that may be on offer for your door type.

Overall, it is important to stay vigilant and be aware of what to look out for regarding the safety of your home. Your garage door should help protect valuables, but any weakness can cause vulnerability.

Doors Direct are your go-to place for all things regarding garage doors. As previously mentioned, a fully-working garage door is a start to garage door safety, so if you have a door in need of repair or even need a full door replacement, Doors Direct can help.

We will be able to assist in finding the best design for your home and business and designing and installing a product that will keep your garage and all it contains safe.

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