Garage Doors for your Carpark

  • Published on November 3, 2017

Carparks are great for businesses. Whether they are for employees only or giving something extra for customers, a carpark is a fabulous addition that can have a lot of incentives. Putting a garage door on it makes it even better! Once you get a garage door on your carpark, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have it installed earlier.

Benefits of a Garage Door on Your Carpark

The biggest benefit of having a garage door on your commercial carpark is the extra security it offers. If you have a space for employees or even customers or even just a place to store vehicles, then having that garage door will act as a deterrent or make it difficult for any would-be vandals. Employees can have peace of mind that their car and belongings are safe while they are at work.

It helps keep your car park exclusive for who you want too. With a car park garage door, you don’t need to worry about other people sneaking in to use it and take up spaces that are meant for others.
Garage doors for carparks are also a lot cheaper than you may think. They are very cost-effective and can be made and installed relatively cheap. They last for years too, so it is definitely a great investment.

Plus, providing car parking can make you eligible for car parking fringe benefits, you may even save on insurance when it comes with a door, showing extra security. If you’re going to get a carpark, you should go ahead and put the door in too!

Which Door Should My Commercial Carpark Get?

Roller doors are the common choice for carparks. They can easily be installed with a motor, making it easy for several people to get in and out as needed.

Commercial roller doors smoothly roll along a track. They often have a ribbed appearance. They’re a durable choice and is able to be raised up and back down again several times a day without wear and tear, as well as being completely customisable. When you buy from Doors Direct, your garage doors are made-to-order. They are made to fit your carpark perfectly. The colour scheme is down to you too.

Roller shutters and sectional doors are equally, if not more popular options than a roller door. Perforated roller and sectional doors are also popular choices, due to their ability to allow the carpark to get airflow.

Whether you want something that matches your business colours or to blend in with the carpark, Doors Direct are able to make it happen for you.


Roller doors need to conform to the highest safety standards so you, your employees and guests are able to drive in and out without any worry. To ensure this, it is best to leave the installation to professionals. Doors Direct have years of experience and will leave your roller doors safe and ready to be used. Our qualified technicians won’t just install and go. We check the spring-roller and other details before leaving you to enjoy the new feature.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your garage door running smoothly, you should arrange for regular maintenance. This will prevent accidents like stuck doors where cars could be stuck inside or not able to get in! You shouldn’t wait until there is a problem before you arrange for a service.


Your car park garage door should last for years with appropriate maintenance, but when it comes to the end of life of your existing garage door, Doors Direct can help provide a whole new replacement. It can go with your existing fixture and fittings in place unless they need upgrading, or we can fit a whole new one.

Doors Direct are here to help with garage door installation on your carpark. Because the doors are made to fit your needs, we will come out and make sure accurate measurements are taken and ensure it suits your carpark design. If you are ready to get started or have any other questions, then give Doors Direct a call today!

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