Why Choose A Custom Aluminium Door?

  • Published on September 22, 2017

Do you want the garage door of your dreams? One that is customised just for you and your house? Look no further than a custom aluminium garage door by Doors Direct.

Why choose aluminium?

There are many reasons why you should install an aluminium garage door. The first benefit is the material. There are numerous reasons why you should use aluminium for your garage doors. Aluminium is:

By installing an aluminium garage door, you know you are getting a product that is good value for money. Using aluminium means it will last for years, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it.

The benefits for aluminium doors are endless. Installing an aluminium door will allow you to have extra airflow into the garage or carport, so you won’t have to worry about ending up with a stuffy, overheated area of the house that everyone wants to avoid.

Furthermore, the doors can easily be changed to match the existing fencing or palings under the house. You can make the garage door your statement piece, or choose to blend it in with the colour scheme of your house.

The versatile range of colours isn’t the only benefit. Custom aluminium doors are hand welded, which means they are extremely durable and strong. You won’t have any security concerns once you’ve installed a custom aluminium door from Doors Direct. Aluminium doors are a great way to protect your house and belongings from not only the elements but also unwanted intruders. Our aluminium doors will ensure you get the extra element of security that comes with having a garage door.

Aluminium is also weather-resistant, making it perfect for Australia’s often extreme climate. No matter what the weather conditions are, you can be rest assured that your aluminium garage door will be long lasting.

Which style?

Once you’ve decided on a custom aluminium door, you’ll not only have to choose the colour you want, but also what style of garage door you want. This may depend on not only you needs, but the size and design of your garage. Often some styles will be unsuitable for small garages, and will leave you unable to utilise space in your garage.

Custom aluminium doors can be made in numerous styles, including sectional/panel lift door or tilt garage door. These styles are great for any size of garage, including smaller garages where you want to utilise your available space. You can even choose one of the motors from our range to motorise your garage door to make it completely customised. Your aluminium garage door has never been more convenient and easily accessible once you’ve installed a motor.


Think you want to install one but want to see what our customised aluminium doors look like first? Check out some of the latest custom aluminium doors we have recently installed. If you’re interested in having a custom aluminium door installed at your house, please contact one of Doors Direct’s friendly staff, who will be able to help with all of your inquiries.