How to change the battery in a merlin remote C945

  • Published on February 9, 2022

Want help changing the battery in your Merlin remote C945? This instructional video is all you need.

There are a couple of Merlin remotes, so make sure you have the right one for this instructional video. These instructions work for the bear claw or C945 remote. This remote has become the most common remote control for most Merlin openers over the past few years.

After a certain amount of time, the battery will wear out. You will need a flat, small head screwdriver. On the side of the screwdriver, there’s a little hole where you can put the screwdriver in to pop the remote open. The remote will come apart fairly easily.

If you’ve got a keychain holder on your remote, that will fall off, so you can remove your keychain at this point. Once that is removed, the opener will come apart, falling into two halves. The bottom half has the circuit board and the battery.

Sometimes the next step can be a bit fiddly. Using your screwdriver, you can push the battery out relatively easily. You can now take the battery completely out of the remote by pulling on the end. You’ll notice the battery is a small, circular lithium three-volt battery.

Next, get your new battery, making sure it’s the same type as what was removed. Make sure the positive, or the plus side, is facing up. This instruction is also said on the remote. You can now put the battery back in the way it came out. Make sure you push it all the way in so it’s firmly in the battery holder.

The next step is to put the two halves of the remote back together. You’ll find if you tip the front section upside down, the rubber buttons will fall out. So it’s best to keep the front section with the outside edge facing down. If you’ve got a keychain, place this back onto the front side. Then you can simply bring the two sides together and slide them into place. You’ll hear distinct clicking noises when it has locked down correctly. Before locking all sides, make sure your keychain holder is in correctly, or else the remote may not shut correctly.

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This blog was originally posted in September 2017 and has been updated in February 2022.