Benefits Of Owning An Automatic Garage Door

  • Published on June 20, 2013

Whether you are having a new garage door installed or thinking about upgrading the one that you already own, it is important to know the benefits of installing an automatic garage door, rather than opting for the manual version. There are more benefits with an automatic remote garage door than just convenience; although this is one of the biggest benefits of having this door installed.


Of course, the benefits of an automatic garage door cannot be explained without including convenience as one of the biggest advantages. Manual doors require the driver to get in and out of their vehicles every time they want to open and close them, but with an automatic door, it takes just a click of a button. Due to this benefit alone, it’s no surprise that most people choose to install automatic doors in their own homes. No matter the weather conditions outside, you can stay dry and cosy in the comfort of your car. Some of our premium Merlin openers come standard with integrated battery backup. So even if the power is out from a storm, you can still press your remote and the garage door will open by its battery reserve power.

Accessibility is a big issue for the elderly and the disabled, and so what is a minor annoyance to some people could end up making a home completely inaccessible to others. Automatic garage doors ensure that all occupants can enter a property without having to rely on someone else to assist them in opening and closing their garage.


It’s always a good idea to look out for added security measures as people go about upgrading certain features of their homes and believe it or not, automatic garage doors are actually able to increase the security of a property. People going to and from home at odd hours risk becoming the victim of a crime if they make themselves vulnerable, such as when they leave their vehicle running to get out and open a garage door; this is why they might want to take certain measures to prevent this. By having an automatic door installed, individuals can keep their doors locked while using a remote to open the garage door and only exit their vehicle once it has closed behind them.


Newer technology has allowed manufacturers the opportunity to build safety features into these doors that prevent accidents from happening unlike manual doors. The feature prevents anything underneath the door from being damaged and automatically causes the door to stop and open again if it comes into contact with something as it is closing. It is a good idea to have the safety mechanisms tested as per the manufacturer specifications, just to make sure that everything is working as it should be, but ultimately this should give homeowners peace of mind with regards to having them installed in their homes. Another important factor is that many people injure themselves while operating their garage door, hurting their backs, necks and shoulders. Automatic garage doors eliminate this issue as you do not have to touch the door. All you have to do is press your remote.

Competitive Pricing

When automatic garage doors were first released onto the market, they were expensive, but this is no longer the case. This technology is now a standard feature for most homeowners, which means that it is more affordable than ever; those who might have been put off because of the price no longer have to worry about bargain hunting when it comes to having their own automatic doors installed.

Street Appeal

Garage doors can add value to your home and are available in a wide range of colors and materials, including steel, aluminium and timber. Home owners can now opt for the ones that suit the style and feel of their properties, allowing the door to blend in seamlessly, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

The many benefits of automatic garage doors make them a worthwhile upgrade for home owners to consider, as well as a valuable investment for just about any property.

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