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Commercial & Industrial – Repairs & Servicing

  • Doors Direct can repair and service your commercial or industrial roller door or roller shutter. We repair all brands and types of roller doors. Whether it is a minor issue such as the door not running smoothly or a major issue due to impact damage from a vehicle, we can do it all.


    Our repair experts can handle any type of door and will be able to repair a wide range of issues, no matter the size. Our professionals can repair industrial and commercial warehouse doors, loading dock doors, and office building doors.

    Repairs we can do include, but are not limited to:
    • Repair and service car park roller doors or roller shutters.
    • Fix damaged shutters and doors due to impact from trucks and forklifts.
    • Supply and install new slats, bottom rails, and tracks.
    • Manufacture and install new roller shutter drums that may have broken springs.
    • Repair damaged or faulty motors or control boxes.
    • Repair Grifco E drive motors with new circuit boards.
    • Upgrade existing push-button motorised doors to make them remote compatible.

    We carry parts for most major brands including Gliderol, B&D, Steeline, Merlin, Grifco, ATA, Napoleon and many more. Our qualified and experienced technicians can be with you on the same day or within 24 hours, depending on the urgency of your needs.

    We offer competitive rates to fix your doors and have the experience to fix it right the first time. If needed, we can also provide quotes on a replacement door.


    Servicing of industrial roller doors and roller shutters is important to maintain optimum working condition and life expectancy of the door and motor. A service appointment can often pick up on any issues before they become major, often costly, problems.

    In the commercial and industrial sector, roller shutters and roller doors are often the main access for a lot of businesses, and if they are not working properly, can hinder the efficiency of your business as well as jeopardise the security of your premises.

    Doors Direct offers regular service contracts on any door. Whether your door opens once a day or multiple times a day, we can advise on how often the door should be serviced to maintain optimum performance.

    Call us on 3161 5963 or email us some photos along with your enquiry to info@doorsdirect.com.au