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Industrial Motors

  • Doors Direct can supply and install new motors to an existing chain operated roller door or roller shutter. We can also repair or upgrade existing motors on these doors.

    Our industrial motors are designed to help operate heavy-duty doors, allowing for opening and closing the door with ease, and staying secure and safe.

    We have a motor for even the tallest and heaviest of industrial roller shutters or roller doors. Each one offers a superior operation that helps to effortlessly open and close your roller doors or shutters with as little disturbance to neighbours as possible.

    They are extremely reliable motors and with regular maintenance will work for years. If however, you do encounter a problem, then Doors Direct are here to help as we also specialise in the repair of motors, and will get you up and running again in no time.

    Industrial Garage Motor

    Doors Direct proudly recommend Grifco products when it comes to industrial garage motors; they are the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic garage door openers. Their global experience and innovation have resulted in industry leading designs and some of the most reliable and efficient products available in Australia and New Zealand. The latest range of Grifco’s products comply with Australian and New Zealand standards and Certificates of Suitability, plus their product range offers innovative technology and continuous improvement.

    For more information about Grifco visit their site here.


    Light Commercial Roller Door Operator

    LR-Drive heralds the latest addition to the Grifco Light Commercial portfolio. It has been specifically designed for large and wind-locked roller doors. It is also ideal for shopfront roller grilles thanks to commercial terminals that allow dedicated open and closing.

    • Faster: LR-Drive opens a 2.4m high door in only 21 seconds. Fastest in its class!
    • Stronger: The powerful motor and gearbox can lift roller doors up to 28m²
    • Thinner: The incredibly thin operator requires only 45mm of sideroom clearance
    • Smarter: LR-Drive is myQ compatible and features dedicated inputs for open/close

    With myQ technology, you can see if your door is open or closed from anywhere in the world as well as control it*. You can also schedule to operate your door at certain times of the day and receive notifications when you desire.

    * myQ requires Monitored Entrapment Protection (eg safety beams) to operate

    Download the spec sheet here.


    High-Cycle Operator for Light-Commercial Sectional Doors

    The LS-Drive is the perfect high-cycle operator for sectional doors found in small carparks. Designed for up to 50 cycles per day, it is the ideal automation solution for small multi-tenanted applications. It delivers all the necessary logic configurations without any unnecessary complexity.

    • The quiet, powerful drive train delivers smooth and fast door cycles, with soft start and soft stop
    • Logic options can be easily configured (such as “open only” and “timer-to-close”) using the simple button panel
    • The extremely durable extruded aluminium rail is available in 2 lengths and features a clever mounting method and integrated cable management
    • The rail can be easily surface mounted for low ceiling carparks

    Download the spec sheet here.


    The Industry-Leading Operator for High-Cycle Sectional Doors

    With constant duty cycle, battery backup onboard and the industry’s best warranty, the new Grifco S-Drive is indeed the Smooth Operator. It is purpose built for high-cycle, highly demanding commercial sectional doors found in carparks, emergency services buildings and commercial tenancies.

    • The quiet, DC motor and purpose-designed gearbox
      deliver extremely smooth and fast door cycles, with soft
      start and soft stop
    • The integral logic boards offer ultimate adaptability to
      meet the demanding needs of carpark applications
    • The extremely durable rail and innovative sliding trolley
      have been engineered to meet the high-cycle demands
      of busy carpark doors
    • The operator has been thoughtfully designed for low
      ceiling carpark applications, with a low profile, lockable

    Download the spec sheet here.

    eDrive +2.0 RKML

    The Industry-Leading Operator for Spring-Balanced Roller Doors and Grilles

    The eDrive +2.0 is the industry-standard for quality, durability, adaptability and intelligence. With numerous models to select from (depending on door size and cycles) as well as multiple expansion options, the eDrive +2.0 is the logical choice for automating spring-balanced roller shutters and grilles.

    • Powerful range of motors with purpose designed gearbox for durable, reliable operation with purpose designed gearbox for durable, reliable operation
    • Inteliigent logic system for exceptional adaptability and integration into the building ecosystem. Optional expansion board for advanced functionality
    • Automatic chain-engage mechanism for safe and easy manual operation in the absence of power
    • Absolute Position Encoder for relaible door positioning and improved safety. Motor is disconnected the instant the manual hand chain is engaged

    Download the spec sheet here.


    If you’re unsure of the best motor for your industrial door, Doors Direct are happy to discuss your needs and help you find the right one for you.

    We understand the importance of protecting your business with roller doors and shutters, and our experts look at all the details before presenting the best solution for your building’s needs.

    Contact us today to discuss our motors in further detail and to see what we can offer your business.