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Commercial & Industrial

  • Commercial and Industrial garage doors are important in securing your business and protecting vehicles and other contents. Over time, they can wear down due to the outdoor elements or from wear and tear. This can compromise the security of your warehouse or carpark. That is why at Doors Direct we make high quality, durable Commercial and Industrial garage doors that are built to last.

    Not only do they last years with proper maintenance, but they also look great, with our roller doors coming in a range of Colorbond colours.

    Doors and Services

    We offer a variety of doors that will suit your business needs. Leave everything down to Doors Direct, including the supply, installation, repairs and service of all makes and models of Industrial and Commercial doors including:

    Roller Shutters – Having shutters can offer optimum security to your business. Roller shutters themselves help deter vandalism and theft, and the strong steel doors keep out any intruder. They are extremely cost effective and is a preferred safety measure for many business owners.

    Industrial Roller Doors – Add to security measures and the aesthetic appeal to your building with industrial roller doors. They can be motorised or chain operated and are customisable to your business. Roller doors are easy to use and extremely durable.

    Roller Shutter Motors – Industrial roller doors are often bigger and heavier than residential ones so need a powerful motor to match. We specialise in Grifco products, a name synonymous with quality garage door motors that are reliable in operating heavy duty doors.

    Commercial Roller Doors – Ideal for carparks and small warehouses, commercial roller doors offer a great solution in protecting commercial buildings. Make sure no unauthorised vehicles and unwanted visitors can get into your space with a durable roller door that can be customised to suit your building or brand.

    Colorbond Roller Doors – You no longer have to stick with plain white or grey thanks to Colorbond. Colorbond offer a durable steel solution that comes in a variety of colours. Go for something neutral or choose something that represents your brand and stands out.

    Roller Shutter Doors – In addition to looking great and adding security, our commercial and industrial roller doors are made to the highest safety standards, so can easily be used without worry. They will run effortlessly on a track and stay quiet so neighbours aren’t disturbed.

    Basement Car Park Doors – Have a basement area that is a car park? Car park doors ensure security, but also allow 24/7 access if desired. They can be operated by a key entry or automatically open with detection of a vehicle.

    Creating New Openings – If you find that your carpark or warehouse would benefit from a new opening, Doors Direct can help make it a reality if it is safe to do so. Our experts will assess the area and give advice on the best way forward in creating new openings.

    Motorising Existing Chain Operated Roller Shutters  We can switch existing chain operated doors to motorised ones. Don’t worry about getting out of the car to open and close the door. Instead, have the luxury of automatic doors operated by a remote or to be opened and closed by detecting vehicles.

    We also supply & install a wide range of Grifco products, from light commercial roller door motors to heavy duty 3 phase roller shutter motors. We can upgrade existing industrial motors to allow for any application, from remote use to more secure key switches. Enquire today for a great price on the Grifco range.