Price Guide Residential Garage Doors In Brisbane

  • When purchasing a new garage door, there are a few factors that determine and influence the price. These factors depend on the following:

    1. The type of garage door you would like
    2. The space required for your door (keep in mind different door types require different clearances)
    3. The size of the garage door (The general rule is the bigger the opening – the bigger the door – increasing the cost)
    4. Opting for a motorised or automated door

    In the residential market of garage doors, there are 3 main types of doors available:

    Each type of garage door comes with options for different sheeting designs and looks. At Doors Direct we boast an established history of successfully installing a diverse range of residential garage doors in the greater Brisbane area. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality and reliability all within competitive price ranges.

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